Resources (mining, oil and gas)

The resources (mining, oil and gas) sector is a key market for Consult Australia members. Consult Australia’s members provide design solutions, project management expertise and technical advice that helps the resource sector operate more efficiently and more safely. Our industry plays a constructive role in helping to raise and address environmental and social issues with clients, governments and the wider population. 

Through their advice and designs, resource projects can produce more, have less impact on the environment and are run as sustainable business to the benefit all owners, workers, local communities and the broader Australian economy.

Making the most of our resources

Making the most of our Resources"Making the most of our resources" is a Consult Australia discussion paper for project owners, operators, and consultants in the mining, oil and gas resources sector. It is a primer for discussion on three key factors: efficiency, engagement and risk.

Click here to download a high resolution copy (16MB).

Click here to download a low resolution copy (2MB).

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