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The FutureNet Business Leaders course is run by Consult Australia’s young professional’s leadership forum, FutureNet.

The FutureNet Business Leaders course has been running in New South Wales since 2006, in Queensland since 2009, and in Victoria since 2010. The course is run by Consult Australia with input and assistance from Consult Australia's young professional's forum (FutureNet), offering leadership development and enhanced industry networks to enable future leaders to thrive in teh changing built and natural environment.

Taking the best of the best from across the built and natural environment, the program draws together: architects; constructors; developers; engineers; financiers; infrastructure owners; lawyers; planners; project managers; and quantity surveyors;

  • Over eight months the program covers topics such as: team leadership; innovation; negotiation and communication;
  • The program concludes with a team task, which engages participants in developing and submitting a submission on a major infrastructure challenge;
  • Following the submission, teams present to a judging panel of accomplished industry professionals; and
  • The submission and the presentation are then assessed by the judging panel with an award being presented for the best overall submission.


Benefits for participants and benefits to firms

  • Develop personal and business skills, resulting in improved professionalism of young employees;
  • Develop cross-industry team experience;
  • Improved motivation of young professionals as participation may be seen as a reward system;
  • Opportunity for young professionals  to develop important, long-lasting business and industry relationships;
  • Exposure of employees to successful industry leaders, e.g. Directors of companies who may at some stage be clients and/or JV or alliance partners;
  • Direct mentoring from leading industry professionals; and
  • Opportunity for staff to gain an increased understanding of current issues faced by consultants and their clients in the built and natural environment.


FutureNet Business Leader ’s course does not:

  • Replace internal leadership programs
  • Provide remedial training for hard cases
  • Train project managers


Further Information

If you would like further information on the FutureNet Business Leaders Course in New South Wales, please click on the links below to download the flyer or visit our contacts page to contact the respective State Manager.

To find out more about the FutureNet Business Leaders Course in Sydney and in Brisbane 

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