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25/02/2014 - The Impact of Policy Decisions: the case for evidence based policy making
Presentation by Travers McLeod, Centre for Policy Development is available here
Presentation by Michael Roche, Queensland Resource Council is available here

04/12/2013 - Capturing Value
Presentation by Joe Langley, SKM is available here

10/07/2013 - Offshoring of Services
Presentation by Geoff Sewell, John Holland Group is available here

Presentation by Karen Atkinson, MWH is available here

21/11/2012 - Projects Queensland, Value for money and Public Private Partnerships

Presentation by Dave Stewart, Projects Queensland is available here

Presentation by Roger Black, Infrastructure Association of Queensland (IAQ) is available here

12/04/2012 - QLD Port Capacity

Copy of the presentation by Leo Zussino, Gladstone Port Corporation is available here


06/03/2012 - QLD Economy: what does the future hold?

Copy of the presentation by Dr Doug McTaggart, QIC is available here


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