SOLD OUT - An Introduction to Competitive Tendering

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Date: Wednesday, 10 May 2017 to Wednesday, 10 May 2017
Address: Brisbane, QLD Australia
Place: Christie Conference Centre
Total Price: $396.00

Session 1: An Introduction to Competitive Tendering
10 May 2017, 4 to 6 pm

Christies Conference Centre, 320 Adelaide Street

Tendering is the gateway to big contracts, big clients and landmark deals.

If you want to work with a government department or a large corporation, it will almost certainly only happen if you successfully tender for the work. But ‘breaking in’ to tenders is an expensive experiment for many organisations, fraught with wasted time and money, frustrated and confused team members, and even some embarrassing fails that tarnish reputation.

With the learnings from this seminar, participants will radically improve their success rate by knowing how to find the tenders right for them, prepare for success, and develop a winning proposal.

This workshop debunks the common myths of tendering and teaches the basics for how to win, including the 5 essential elements for every successful tender. Participants are taught how to make the crucial ‘go / no go’ decision, how to assemble a team with the right skills, capabilities and behaviours, and what processes and templates need to be developed. This session also provides an introduction to strategy development, content development and
project management.
Seminar outcomes include:
• Debunk the most common myths of tendering
• Learn the 5 essential elements required for a tender to be successful
• Learn how to assemble and manage a winning tender team
• Learn what processes and templates you need to develop.

Each workshop is available as a stand alone session.  However if you would like to attend sessions 1 to 4 a discount is available.  To book all 4 sessions  please download workshop information and complete the booking form.

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