SA: Boardroom Lunch - Senator Nick Xenophon

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Date: Wednesday, 23 August 2017 to Wednesday, 23 August 2017
Address: Adelaide, SA Australia
Place: Chianti
Total Price: $180.00

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Nick Xenophon stood for the South Australia upper house in the 1997 State election on a ‘No Pokies’ platform and surprised everyone (especially himself) when elected. Re-elected in 2006 to State Parliament, he decided to run federally for the Senate in the 2007 election because he believed he could do more for SA on a whole range of issues.


Since starting in the Senate in July 2008, Nick has fought on a number of key issues for SA – and negotiated a range of changes to Commonwealth government procurement late last year – changes which came into effect on 1 March 2017 including:


  • That Australian Standards must be met for procured goods and services, with requirements of certification and auditing of those standards
  • The regulatory frameworks involving labour regulations, including ethical employment practices, occupational health and safety, and environmental impacts must be considered in any procurement
  • For procurements above $4 million the economic benefits of the procurement to the Australian economy must be considered -- a first in Commonwealth procurement rules

These changes are a big deal for Australian industry and jobs.


The Commonwealth Government committed to a Joint Select Committee to further examine the question of procurement and further reforms – and Consult Australia appeared before this committee in March of this year.  


Join us to hear Nick’s views on long term infrastructure planning and funding, strategies for boosting economic growth and the cost of doing business on South Australia.